Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer (Jehovah)

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    GUIDE ME O THOU GREAT REDEEMER (JEHOVAH) is sometimes called "Bread Of Heaven" after one of the lines. The lyrics make clear reference to the Israelites in the wilderness as they make their eventual journey to the promised land, as recounted in the Biblical books of Exodus & Joshua. The allegorical connection to the present life of the Christian is unmistakable.

    The lyrics are from the most highly regarded Welsh hymn writer William Williams Pantycelyn, who wrote Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer in 1762.

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GUIDE ME O THOU GREAT REDEEMER (JEHOVAH) instrumentation: acoustic piano, glockenspiel, shaker, triangle, assorted cymbals, bass guitar, acoustic guitars, wind chimes, bell tree, vibraphone (vibes), tambourine, chimes, flute, alto flute

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Guide me, O thou great redeemer,
Pilgrim through this barren land;
I am weak, but thou art mighty,
Hold me with thy powerful hand;
Bread of heaven, bread of heaven
Feed me till I want no more;
Feed me till I want no more.

Open now the crystal fountain
Whence the healing stream doth flow;
Let the fire and cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through:
Strong deliverer, strong deliverer;
Be thou still my strength and shield;
Be thou still my strength and shield.

When I tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid my anxious fears subside;
Death of death, and hell's destruction
Land me safe on Canaan's side:
Songs of praises, songs of praises,
I will ever give to thee;
I will ever give to thee.

From Wikipedia, this is a translation of the original lyrics:

Lord, guide me through the wilderness,
A pilgrim weak of aspect,
There is neither strength nor life in me,
As though lying in the grave,
It is Thou who shalt take me to that shore.

I wandered for long years,
And saw not the break of dawn;
I despaired, without Thy strength,
Ever to leave the desert land;
Do Thou grant,
The occasion to escape.

Give Thou a pillar of fire to lead me in the night,
And a pillar of mist in the day,
Hold me when I travel places
Which are rough on the way,
Give me manna,
Thus shall I not despair.

Open the sweet springs
Which gush forth from the rock,
All across the great wilderness
May a river of healing grace follow:
Give this to me
Not for me but for Thy sake.

When I go through Jordan -
Cruel death in its force -
Thou Thyself suffered this before,
Why shall I fear further?
Let me cry out in the torrent.

I shall trust in Thy power,
Great is the work that Thou hast always done,
Thou conquered death, Thou conquered hell,
Thou hast crushed Satan beneath Thy feet,
Hill of Calvary,
This shall never escape from my memory.


from Wedding Hymns, released July 7, 2010
GUIDE ME O THOU GREAT REDEEMER (JEHOVAH) This Arrangement ©2010 Weedom & Reap/ASCAP/All Rights Reserved -arranged and produced by Steve Millikan. Soloist is Tobin Wingard.



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